Beyond Helvete - “Anthem of Decay” (Immortal Frost Productions, 2022).

Immortal Frost Productions has given us 2 tremendous Black Metal works this year: Corpus Christii and Pyra. Both different, but both within the realm of Black Metal (and Death Metal). This work, by Beyond Helvete, is the 3rd IFP work I have access to, and we again drop into the universe of Black Metal. Slightly different from the already mentioned ones, but still ferocious and full of power. Beyond Helvete has been around since 2007, and Natrgaard, the man behind it, has been delivering the goods. Imagine the strength of a band like Marduk, that endurance, that consistent show of power…

Beyond Helvete lives in a similar bubble, although not reaching the quality the Swedes have gathered throughout these many years of presence in the Black Metal Global scene. Nonetheless, it sounds as a good example to describe one of the facets of the German musician without limiting it to A or B. The track that names the album, for example, is a strong tune, a powerful tune. It has a very melodic side to it, which is the other facet of the band: the ability to blend, aggressiveness and melody into one single entity.

Overall, this is a very standard Black Metal approach - which does not mean it is a bad one - that will please that fan that looks for that well produced kick, softs brush strokes of melody, and an overall potent performance. But not all is this “Mardukian” scheme of things; “Atrophied” is slightly different, or at least it is to my ears… still enraged, still a furious beast, but a more complex one? A more complex structure, I reckon. Nonetheless, there is continuity. “Dust of Golgotha” gives us a much more “medieval” Beyond Helvete, and this might be my favorite tune, specifically due to this more classic “scent”. From the first moment, to the last guitar riff, this is a whirlwind of Fast and Razor-sharp Black Metal. Enjoy.


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